What will you find in a Motivational Speaker and Consultant Jerry Graves experience?

Philosophical, Practical, and Proven Changes for SUCCESS! Jerry’s presentations deliver empowering solutions to even the most troubled situations. With savvy, practical, and time-tested strategies, he gives today’s audiences just what they need to adopt change, manage relationships, and build futures brimmed with forward, positive momentum and take-to-the-bank systems.

Here are some of his most requested keynotes and workshops:

Creating Critical Change: From Dysfunctional To Advanced Leadership

In this powerful session, Jerry shares the critical thinking skills, creative engagement opportunities and time-tested strategies that have brought organizations of all sizes out of dysfunctional patterns, productivity and habits and into established, forward-propelled leaders in their fields. In his straight-talk, but endearing style, Jerry shares how change can be both collaborative and positive and helps teams avoid some of the most common pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way.

Recruiting Teams to Success Thinking

Change is tough for most people. They resist. Dig in. Fight back. In this motivating and insightful session, Jerry shares exactly what it takes to ‘recruit’ colleagues, co-workers, team leaders and management to form collaborative consensus and join forces to adopt new mindsets and actions for growth and success. You won’t look at team dynamics the same way ever again!

Mental Toughness and Critical Thinking

It takes strength, smarts, and even a little grit to compete and succeed on a daily basis in today’s world. In this solution-packed session, Jerry shares what it takes to develop the mental toughness and empowered mindsets necessary to rise to the top of your game and stay there – without losing your balance. It’s impactful, motivational, and filled with the ideas and tools you need to go the extra mile and realize success like you’ve never imagined before!

Opportunity Identifications and Interruptions

All too often, we seek (and find) the obstacles that find their way into our everyday lives and work. But what if you could SHIFT your focus to instead recognize and realize the opportunities that each day brings instead? In this engaging and eye-opening session, Jerry teaches the strategies and tools you need to create the mental and skill-set SHIFT you need to lead a happier, healthier, more balanced and productive life. It’s a game-changer, both personally and professionally.

To book Jerry or for information about any of his speaking or coaching topics or products, call 1-850-502-0355 or send an email to decisionforsuccess@gmail.com.

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