About Me

For more than 30 years, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Business Coach Jerry Graves has helped to grow and execute wide-scale change for organizations across North America, including many large Fortune 100 companies. His specialties?

  • Turning troubled operations into highly profitable ones
  • Diagnosing structural issues and finding solutions
  • Restructuring for optimum performance and balance
  • Developing strong, empowered leadership teams
  • Crafting transitional road maps
  • Eliminating distractions and creating solid priority profiles-
  • Educate and train teams on rumor management and effective information handling
  • Developing insightful guidelines, programs and tracking processes
  • Removing territorial barriers
  • Improving productivity of re-manufacturing facilities
  • Facilitating trust and consensus building
  • Resolving conflict and creating cohesive team dynamics

With passion, purpose, and a gift for moving organizations and teams to realize their greatest potential, Jerry delivers the tools necessary to get to the heart of real and long-lasting CHANGE for today’s business professionals.

Learn more! Call Motivational Speaker and Turnaround Guy – Jerry Graves at 1-850-502-0355 today.

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